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First thing first, let me triple check that I am available to be your wedding photographer. Either way, look for an email from me soon to confirm.

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I’ve sent you a guide packed with essential details on my wedding photography services and how they fit into an stress-free day you’ll love. Along with my most popular wedding collections and prices, you’ll find a link to select the perfect time to meet up for us to chat more about your wedding plans.

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Whether over drinks or over Zoom, I’m here to answer any questions you may have and most importantly see if we are the right fit to work together during your wedding day.

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If you’re ready to jump in, you can lock down one of my popular wedding collections or mix things up with a custom option. After our meeting, I’ll softly pencil in your date, giving you first dibs before anyone else. No stress, just love!

Frequently Asked

I offer both options. Adding a second photographer for your wedding day is a game-changer. The flurry of action and emotional reactions that occur throughout your day will be captured from multiple angles by myself and another trusted professional from my network. Regardless of your wedding’s size, adding a second shooter is invaluable and recommended.

Once you reach out and schedule a video chat or an in-person meeting, I’ll softly pencil in your date, giving you first dibs before anyone else. No stress, just love!

Life’s surprises won’t compromise your wedding photography. Over time, I’ve built a trusted network of professionals whom I regularly work with as a second shooter, and vice versa. In the rare event I’m absent, one of these familiar faces can step in, guaranteeing your day is documented with the same unwavering quality and attention to detail.

Yes, I’m always ready to pack my bags for to travel to new places for weddings. Each new location offers a fresh canvas and a wonderful opportunity for lifelong learning and adventure.

While I am the lead photographer, if you prefer a female photographer to join me, I have connections with many talented women in the field who can provide additional coverage, making sure we document your day perfectly.