Your Go-To Second Shooter for Weddings

I’m James

My specialty is blending into a wedding day to document authentic moments without stepping on anyone’s toes.

After spending 15 years on the sidelines of history as a photojournalist, I transitioned to freelance photography in 2018.

My love for storytelling evolved to wedding photography, working with the Carolina Panthers, the PGA, and various other organizations.

I bring a wealth of experience from every condition imaginable.


My Philosophy

I approach wedding photography with the same strategy as baseball’s on-base percentage—consistency over grandeur.

It’s not about chasing the one epic shot but rather ensuring a steady stream of quality images that tell the complete story.

However, when the moment’s right for a “home run,” I’m ready to capture that unforgettable shot. 

Kind Words

Highly recommended!

I have had the pleasure of working with James as a second photographer and associate photographer for the last 5 years. In that time he has not only taken great photos for me, but he has also proven himself to be very professional and reliable. So much so that he has been shooting weddings on behalf of my company as an associate for the last two years.”

Joe Payne Photography

Hire James, you will be happy. It’s that simple”

He keeps calm under pressure in a way many photographers couldn’t begin to handle. I seem to learn something from James every time we work together— his depth of knowledge in photography is unlike anyone else. I’ve also been fortunate enough to hire James as my 2nd photographer, several times now. James always delivers exceptional results, straight out of camera. He is always respectful and kind, whether I’m working for him or he’s working for me.

Paul Seiler Photography

What I Bring to the Table

Authentic Moments – My eye is always on the lookout for real, unscripted emotions as they naturally occur.

Pro Gear: I shoot with the latest Nikon mirrorless bodies and a lens kit to cover every angle and moment.

Team Player Ethos: I’m here to support and enhance your photography and ensure the client always comes first.

Off-Camera Flash: Whether using my setup or assisting with yours, I’m proficient in elevating images with professional lighting.

Behind-The-Scenes: When possible, I’m happy to capture BTS photos or footage.

Straight Out of The Camera

Check out a full, unedited gallery from a recent wedding. It’s a transparent look at what I deliver straight out of the camera.

Ready to Work Together?