Why should you hire a Documentary style Photographer for your wedding

Bride does a crowed dive in a wedding reception

What is Documentary Style Wedding Photography?

Documentary style wedding photography is all about capturing real, spontaneous moments as they unfold throughout your wedding day. It’s different from traditional wedding photography, which often focuses on posed, staged shots.

Documentary photographers dive into the heart of your wedding, using a photojournalistic approach to catch all the emotions, interactions, and little details that make your day uniquely yours.

Expect a set of photos that truly capture the vibe and spirit of your celebration, letting you relive the love and joy every time you look at them.

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Why Choose a Wedding Photojournalist?

Choosing a wedding photojournalist can add a real, down-to-earth feel to your day. They focus on capturing the genuine experiences and emotions, making sure the photos reflect your true story rather than interrupting your moments.

My goal is to be almost invisible, even for a 6-foot-4 guy with a red beard, blending into the background so well that you and your guests can just enjoy the day without feeling like you’re constantly on camera.

Just Blending In

What’s great about documentary wedding photographers is how they manage to be so discreet. They capture your day as it unfolds, ensuring that the spotlight stays on your celebration.

Capturing Genuine Moments

This low-key approach means you’re free to enjoy every laugh, tear, and surprise with your loved ones. I’m there to capture those honest, unscripted moments, making sure every photo tells a part of your wedding story.

Adapting to the Day

Flexibility is a hallmark of a skilled wedding photojournalist. No matter what the day brings—be it a sudden downpour or a change in the ceremony location—they’re equipped to handle it and still deliver stunning, heartfelt photos.

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What’s the Difference Between Documentary Style and Traditional?

Traditional wedding photography typically involves a lot of direction from the photographer—they’ll set up group shots, portraits, and key moments. Documentary style, on the other hand, is all about catching those natural, unscripted scenes. While most photographers blend a bit of both styles, the mix can vary based on what you prefer.

You had me at Candid

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Can I Still Have Posed Shots with a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

Absolutely! Even though documentary photographers focus on capturing events as they naturally occur, they’re also great at snapping those important posed shots. Whether it’s your family, friends, or the whole bridal party, they’ll make sure you have those classic photos alongside the candid ones.

So, you really do get the best of both worlds—spontaneous coverage and must-have posed pictures.

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What Makes a Good Documentary Wedding Photographer?

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. A top-notch documentary photographer has a keen eye for timing and knows exactly where to be to catch those once-in-a-lifetime moments. It’s not just about being a good photographer—it’s about having the empathy to feel the mood of the day and capture it in a way that tells your story.

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What Sets Wedding Photojournalists Apart?

Photojournalism isn’t just about snapping pictures; it’s a craft that takes patience, practice, and a deep emotional connection. It’s about capturing the moments that tug at your heartstrings and telling stories through a lens.

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Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Wedding Day

For me, photography is about connecting and telling stories. I’m a bit of an introvert but photography pushes me out of my comfort zone. It helps me meet new people and make new friends. Starting as a newspaper photographer taught me the importance of empathy and listening.

When I shot my first wedding, I knew it was my calling—it combined my love for photojournalism with the excitement of capturing a couple’s big day. After over 100 weddings, I still get a buzz from capturing these amazing stories of love and joy. If you like how I see things, let’s chat!